Welcome to Cliff's Fan Club

Hi I'm Carol president of the Cliff Richard Fan Club

Being a Cliff Richard fan makes you a person with excellent taste in my book!

My name is Carol Hall and I am President of the London and Surrey fan club.

First of all, let me give you a little history about the regional and world wide fan clubs. Once upon a time, back when the swinging 60's were upon us, Cliff had one centralised fan club, based in the UK. Now legend tells me that this particular club ran into financial difficulties, for reasons that are not known to me. I'm told that Cliff had to bail the club out and at the time, vowed never to do it again......

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New 2018 calendars are available to order from Sept 3rd here.  Cliff looks STUNNING!

Here are some links to some great  Christmas ideas (as Christmas is coming!), although I don't endorse any of them, I've just given you some ideas that I have found online for you.

Please note that joining the the club PRIOR to the recent announcement on Oct 14th is fine to be classed as a 'member', but the moment that announcement was made, the joining of this club was suspended until AFTER the tickets are on public sale release on Oct 26th. I just want to be very clear about that.  Club members will come first and I will not allow new members to join just to get tickets.  It wouldn't be fair.

Cliff is AS popular as ever.  It's amazing and I love that that is the case! 

Take care all!


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